techfrederick has been formed to identify, highlight, support, foster awareness of, advocate for, and develop Frederick’s growing high tech community through community education and human resource development, entrepreneurship training programs and seminars, and related events.

techfrederick is open to all individuals in the IT industry and is focused on the following programs and objectives:

Community development programsCommunity development programs, seminars, and other events designed to increase awareness of and access to economic and other resources available to local and high tech entrepreneurs, startups, and individual workers within or desirous to join the high tech sector

Research and outreach efforts designed to educate extra-regional resources regarding the current and increasing viability of the Greater Frederick area as a target location for high tech companies

Marketplace training programs designed to connect potential local and extra-regional human resources with available high-tech opportunities in the Greater Frederick Area

Entrepreneurship programs designed to increase the likelihood of success for local high tech startups

Training and education programs designed to support established entrepreneurs by connecting them with viable resources and strategies for supporting positive business development and sustainable growth

Meet the techfrederick Board