Michael Spinosa

Shield 7 Consulting, LLC

Michael Spinosa has been working in technology since he was a child when his father bought him an IBM PC Jr. at the age of 5 years old. Since then, Michael’s career has spanned from information technology to development in a wide array of disciplines. The result is a uniquely well-rounded technology professional. Michael started his career with an exceptional opportunity developing enterprise systems within the Executive Residence (White House) before transitioning into information technology, where he started a career in data center management, perimeter security, and compliance. After six years working as a Senior Engineer, Michael decided to strike out on his own by founding Unleashed Technologies, LLC in 2007. The firm rose to prominence with a specialization in application development and continued to grow under his leadership until a successful sale in 2019. 

Michael and his ventures have been the recipient of numerous awards, including a three-time Inc. 5000 fastest growing company, best places to work, Future 50, and a certificate of special congressional recognition for providing assistance in a time of cybersecurity crisis to the government. Michael is a husband and the father of four children (three boys and a girl). His hobbies include getting into trouble with his kids, shooting, motorcycles, and hunting.