We are pleased to announce the inaugural techfrederick 2023 Techie Awards!

The techfrederick Techie Awards were designed to recognize the invaluable contributions of the everyday workers who keep the tech industry running smoothly and continuously push the boundaries of what is possible. The celebration highlighted the remarkable achievements of seven award winners who have significantly impacted the Frederick tech community.

The award categories and respective winners include:

  1. STEM Student Achievement: Carly Shearer, Student – Carly is currently a first-year student and Center for Women in Technology Scholar at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County studying computer science.
  2. Outstanding STEM Educator: Dr. David Gurzick, Hood College – David has contributed significantly to the development of a STEM curriculum, throughout the business field, and Hood College.
  3. Rising Star Award: Alex Pensinger, YMCA – Alex is a current IT Support Specialist at the YMCA, where he is enthusiastic about the mission, coming in with a fresh perspective and creating efficiencies so the YMCA workforce can be efficient no matter where they are located.
  4. Outstanding Community Advocate: Alejandro Cruz, Orases –created a scholarship program to provide laptops to LYNX students who may not have access to technology at home due to financial constraints or other barriers.
  5. Most Promising Startup: Sue Carr, CarrTech Corp – CarrTech’s product is the first of its kind and will help communities around the world with limited access to medical supplies, making it the go-to choice for the industry going forward.
  6. Unsung Hero Award (two winners): Steve Bladey, Transit Services of Frederick County – Steve created real time tracking for local transit services. He can and does, serve in any and every role as needed.
    Devin Haas, Morgan Keller – Devin often takes on most of the more challenging support tickets with a limited IT staff and manages his workload with efficiency and a positive attitude.
  7. Lifetime Achievement Award: Richard Yockman, Edgewater Federal Solutions – Richard founded Edgewater Federal Solutions over 20 years ago. Through his leadership, Edgewater has become a highly decorated IT company that is recognized throughout the Department of Energy and within the industry as a trusted partner with a stellar reputation.

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