The Value Of A techfrederick Membership

By becoming a member of techfrederick, your company can take advantage of the opportunity to grow your employee’s innovative skills, collaborate with other industry leaders to drive business growth, and establish a strong technology brand identity for the community. Invest in your team’s professional development and watch your company succeed.

Why Become A Member?

When you partner with techfrederick, you are supporting the networking events, educational programs, professional development opportunities and projects that benefit our community.

Problems are often solved by proximity, and techfrederick puts you elbow-to-elbow with some of the best hearts and minds in town. Members form lasting relationships with other experts in the industry who share our passion for technology and our city.

You might find your next superstar employee, tactical business partner or dream job at the next event. Or, your next big “aha” moment may come while in conversation in the hall afterward. If you’ve been to even one meeting, you know this to be true.

Types Of Membership

Membership type and dues are determined by:

  • the nature of the business being conducted by the member/company
  • total employment for the company within Frederick County, Maryland

A Tech Member is any entity that derives revenue from research, development, manufacturing, distribution of technology products, materials, or components that use or embody technology.

An Associate Member is a professional service firm which provides services such as legal, financial, staffing and consulting assistance to the technology business community.

If you need assistance determining the right category, please contact