Grant Otto

Sentinel Roof Technologies

Grant Otto is a dynamic technology leader and entrepreneur with a distinguished career spanning roles as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and business owner. As the founder of Sentinel Roof Technologies, Grant has demonstrated his leadership and ability to grow a business both from a technical standpoint and as a leader in business development. The product combines Internet of Things (IoT) devices and Amazon AWS microservices to provide a real time, massively scalable, monitoring solution for commercial roofs.

Prior to founding Sentinel Roof Technologies, Grant held pivotal roles at prominent organizations such as The Weather Channel, MotionSoft, and HealthiNation. At The Weather Channel, he played a key role in the international division leveraging weather data and technology to deliver innovative solutions that empowered businesses and consumers alike. As a strategic leader at MotionSoft, Grant led the development of cutting-edge software solutions for the fitness and wellness industry, helping organizations streamline operations and enhance member experiences.