Showtime is Here for the Drama with New Video Technology from THEATRIXX

January 25, 2024 / / News

Showtime Sound, LLC of Frederick, Maryland has added xVision Nomad 2.6 Indoor TPEP LED display products from Theatrixx to their ever-expanding bag of visual tricks.

January 22, 2024, Frederick, MD: It’s typically good business advice to avoid drama, but when you are in the business of event production, theatrics are essential. More specifically, in the case of indoor LED displays, THEATRIXX are essential. Based in Montreal, Theatrixx Technologies is a manufacturer and distributor of technical equipment specially adapted for the performing arts, events and entertainment sectors. In a recent move to bring more visual magic to their clients, Showtime Sound, LLC of Frederick, Maryland has added xVision Nomad 2.6 Indoor TPEP LED display products from Theatrixx to their ever-expanding bag of tricks.

Dramatic moments deserve to be seen clearly. Marc Chauvin, Showtime Director of Technical Operations explains, “As we were looking to expand our LED video offerings, we had tried several products. We then came across Theatrixx through one of our vendors and they suggested we try the Nomad 2.6.” Showtime’s Video Department Manager, Galen Newell, elaborates, “We were searching for a fine pixel pitch product that we could deploy in high-end corporate events where high resolution displays are necessary to display detailed information during an event.” As the Nomad is one of the first LED displays on the market to boast a 7,680 Hz refresh rate, an instant impression was made. Chauvin remarks, “After putting the product in front of our client for a video production, it was clear that the functionality of this product was worth a continued look.” The fine pixel pitch with extremely high resolution allows Showtime to use this product in a variety of settings. Newell comments, “The Nomad 2.6 looks great on camera, allowing us to use the product to build a digital set or backdrop and position the subject close to the screen without seeing pixels or moiré.” The Nomad gives a realistic look for virtual sets, shows up great on camera, and ensures Showtime’s corporate clients can display in-depth presentations where every word counts. Much of this is due to the product’s intentional design. Chauvin explains, “We found that with the Nomad, we didn’t have to fight to get it to look even like other
products, it was great-looking right out of the case.” Newell goes on to say, “There are many adjustment options on the back of the tiles to assist in lining up pixels while installing the product, which is important when the screen will be viewed from up close or on camera.” Chauvin concludes, “We were impressed by the quality of not only the product and the robustness of the design, but ultimately the final on-camera/visual look
that we achieved.”

As a busy event production company, Showtime relies on products with more than just good looks. In a given week, LED panels will be packed, transported, set up, and put to work for a multitude of functions. Newell notes, “The Nomad 2.6 is unique because it is a sturdy construction, unlike many other fine-pitch products, and the rigging options on the tiles give flexibility when it comes to installing the product in different settings.”

Chauvin adds, “we found that the construction of the panels themselves [with the liquid shaders] has held up better than the traditional LED panel design. Not having to worry about damage as much makes putting this product on shows and in front of clients all that more appealing.”

While calling on the Nomad 2.6 technology has been a clear win for Showtime, the team at Theatrixx has also been enthusiastic about the newfound partnership. Jacques Tessier President of Theatrixx notes, “Showtime shares a lot of Theatrixx values like high quality and customer service. We are honoured to have been selected by Showtime for their recent LED display investment and look forward to growing our relationship for years to come.”

From virtual sets to large celebrations, every event deserves the benefit of advanced video technology. It is clarity that helps deliver the message, and the moment, to the intended audience. Showtime is proud to be elevating their client experience with this brand of meaningful magic. With Theatrixxs like this, bring on the drama!

Showtime Sound LLC is a full-service event production company located in Frederick, Maryland that provides a wide range of audio, lighting, video, staging, and backline for any size event or venue. The Showtime team specializes in production integration. They design, build, and move events from large clubs to touring arenas to outdoor stadiums. From start to finish, Showtime Sound LLC provides turn-key event production.

Theatrixx is a manufacturer and distributor of audio visual equipment for the live event, broadcast and integration industries, in constant growth for over 24 years. The company specializes in innovative and reliable video, lighting, rigging and power distribution products, and is represented in over 40 countries around the world.

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