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January 8, 2024 / / News

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you – the techfrederick family is not only expanding but also witnessing dynamic shifts in leadership. Some of our longstanding members are stepping into elevated roles within the executive committee, while we welcome remarkable individuals to join our Board of Directors. These developments signify a pivotal moment for our organization, bringing a blend of experience, expertise, and fresh perspectives that will undoubtedly shape an even brighter future for techfrederick.

Josh Yeager – Elevated to Board President: We are delighted to announce that Josh Yeager, a dedicated member who has served on the Advisory Board and Board of Directors stepped into the role of techfrederick Board President last fall, his official term began in January. As the COO of HighGear, Josh’s wealth of experience and commitment to our mission make him the ideal leader to guide techfrederick to new heights.

Jon Bailey – Promoted to Board Vice President: Join us in celebrating Jon Bailey, who, after more than 10 years of valuable contributions as a member of the Advisory Board and Board of Directors, has been promoted to techfrederick Board Vice President. Jon’s extensive community involvement and his experience as the CMO with WellSpring Digital uniquely positions him to continue driving innovation within our organization.

Ryan Harshman – Promoted to Board Treasurer: We are proud to announce that Ryan Harshman, previously a member of the techfrederick Board of Directors, is stepping into the crucial role of Treasurer. As a Senior Manager at Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz (BSSF) CPAs, Ryan’s financial acumen and dedication to techfrederick will undoubtedly contribute to our continued success.

Jeff Griffin – New Board Member & Board Secretary: Adding to our excitement, we are proud to welcome Jeff Griffin, General Manager of DCM Bio, as a new member of the techfrederick Board of Directors. Jeff’s fresh perspective and industry expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the continued growth and success of our organization.

Andres Mendoza – New Board Member: Joining our Board of Directors is Andres Mendoza, Owner of IsNull Softworks. We are delighted to welcome Andres to the leadership team. Notably, Andres has also served on our Advisory Board, contributing valuable insights and expertise that have been instrumental in shaping the strategic direction of techfrederick.

We would also like to express our deep appreciation for our dedicated continuing board members who have been instrumental in steering techfrederick on its path to success. Their ongoing commitment and expertise play a crucial role in maintaining the stability and growth of our organization: Maria Roat, owner MA Roat Consulting, Board Member and Mike Battle, CEO BRMI, Board Member. These changes in leadership underscore our commitment to fostering growth from within and welcoming new talents into our techfrederick family. The combination of established leaders assuming elevated roles, the infusion of new energy into our Board of Directors, and the continued dedication of our existing members set the stage for an exciting and innovative chapter in our journey.

Please join us in congratulating Josh, Jon, Ryan and Andres on their well-deserved promotions, extending appreciation to our continuing board members, and welcoming Jeff. We are confident that these changes will enhance our organization’s resilience, adaptability, and ability to thrive in an ever-evolving tech landscape.

For more information and to view all of techfrederick’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board members, please click HERE. Thank you for your continued support.

Meghan Sweigart, Executive Director

Brooke Faulkner

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