This is not your average Request for Proposals (RFP.) techfrederick will pool local development and engineering talent to address or solve one or more local business problems for non-profits in the form of a hackathon in the Spring of 2020. You read that right–we want to help your non-profit solve a problem with a clever software solution, and local software developers want to compete to do so! This event will charge a modest entry fee for contributors, and they will compete in teams to present the best solution to your business problem within the time allotted. You and your organization will be responsible for submitting the RFP, communicating with techfrederick to clarify any questions or concerns, and supporting the attendees during the event.

The number of engineers, experience, and schedule of work will vary, so please keep this in mind. techfrederick can help you estimate a level of effort for your project. Your project should fit into 8-48 hours where a team of ~5-10 developers may collaborate on your project.

You must conduct business and have a business address within Frederick County, MD to submit.

By midnight EST, February 15th, 2020, please submit a single PDF or Word document with your project details to:

You may submit your proposal before the date above. techfrederick will review all proposals by midnight February 15th, 2020 and respond in a timely manner regardless of decision.

You may include artifacts such as, but not limited to:

  • An introduction to your non-profit including Frederick County business address
  • An introduction to your project
  • Principal point of contact in your organization
  • Periodically available contact in your organization for the duration of the event
    • Full-time attendance is not required, though questions may arise. More availability will only increase the quality of your submissions.
  • Summary of work
  • Explanation of domain knowledge/subject matter expertise
  • Applicable security concerns
  • Existing architecture that can or must be leveraged
  • Other special details or considerations
  • Relevant user stories
  • Wireframes or mockups

The artifacts listed above are recommendations.

After submission, a committee will review your proposal and make efforts to help you clarify/fit the requirements of your project into our schedule of events. After a reasonable attempt is made to clarify the details of the project, you will be informed whether techfrederick has accepted or rejected your proposal. This should happen within a timely manner after the review process concludes.

Please keep in mind this is a community event with a modest entry fee for contributors. Any work, source code, or other production resulting from the event will exist with no expectation of maintenance by any contributors or attendees of the event. You or your organization will be responsible for any defects, bugs, or other problems with any work received as a result of the event.