e-End Shreds 55,000+ Hard Drives in 1 Job

March 19, 2018 / / News

e-End routinely destroys large quantities of hard drives for our clients. Just recently, a job of 55,000+ hard drives shredding was conducted by our team. That was about 30 pallets full! The proper destruction of electronic data isn’t always as easy as it may seem. For the sanitization and destruction of magnetic and optical media, specialized equipment must be listed on NSA’s Evaluated Product List (EPL). For hard drive shredding, e-End utilizes a low speed, high torque hard drive shredder for destroying media and a wide variety of material. Items that can be shredded include hard drives, solid state devices (SSD), laptops, blade servers, military equipment, cell phones and many other devices. We offer onsite mobile hard drive shredding, with our mobile hard drive shredder as well as offsite shredding at our secure facility.

Seth Glass

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