Quantum Frederick Closes on the Sale of 150 Acres

May 16, 2024 / / News

Land sale comes on the heels of Moore’s signing of the Critical Infrastructure Act of 2024 enabling the use of backup generators for data center operations

Frederick, MD – May, 15, 2024 – techfrederick member, Quantum Loophole, Inc., the developer of the first multi-gigawatt scale master-planned data center community, announces the sale of 150 acres at Quantum Frederick. The closed agreement comes on the heels of  Governor Moore’s signing of the Critical Infrastructure Streamlining Act of 2024 (CISA), which clarifies guidance for the use of back-up generators for critical infrastructure developments including data centers.

“We are excited to welcome a new customer to the Quantum Ecoscale campus,” comments Josh Snowhorn, Founder and CEO of Quantum Loophole. “Our site in Frederick, Maryland is unlike any other data center siting opportunity currently available. Our approach to delivering land, power, water and connectivity while designing in partnership with nature is changing the way industrial developments work in concert with the environment. We look forward to ongoing collaborations with our customers to bring above and beyond value to residents of Frederick and the entire state of Maryland.”

In 2021, Quantum Loophole announced its acquisition of 2,100+ acres of land in Frederick, Maryland, located just 20 miles north of the internet ecosystem of Northern Virginia. Quantum Frederick is the company’s landmark site, revolutionizing the site selection process for large-scale data center developers, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive approach to data center developments that considers community, the environment and government in its process.

Quantum Loophole is also constructing the world’s largest fiber optic network ring, QLoop. QLoop is a massive 40± mile hyperscale fiber ring connecting Quantum Frederick’s 2,100+ acre data center development site in Maryland to Northern Virginia’s Data Center Ecosystem. At full capacity, the 34 conduits will hold more than 235,000 strands of fiber to transmit data between the two hubs in under one millisecond Round Trip Time (RTT). Service on QLoop is expected to be ready in the first half of 2025.

Setting an example for the industry, in April 2024 Quantum Frederick announced its 600-acre Nature Reserve. Designed in partnership with the University of Maryland, the Reserve will have one million plants, purposely designed to act as a carbon-sink, enabling the operation of the first carbon negative industrial-development of its kind. When complete, the Nature Reserve, which is part of Maryland’s wildlife corridor network, will be open to the public to enjoy scenic walking trails. The Nature Reserve is also designed to act as a buffer between human and industrial environments. This buffer ensures the health of the viewscape, soundscape, and the community by using berms, trees, and public trails to create benefits beyond traditional data center development.

For more information about Quantum Loophole visit: www.quantumloophole.com.

About Quantum Loophole

Quantum Loophole disrupts data center site selection offering a rapid platform delivery for land, power, connectivity, and scale. The company’s first-of-its-kind multi gigawatt-scale, master planned data center development uniquely addresses the scalability, connectivity, and cost-efficiency challenges of today’s large-scale deployments. Powered by innovative energy systems, hundreds of thousands of strands of fiber from multiple carriers, and mass-scale entitled land, Quantum Loophole’s master planned communities take the guesswork out of adding needed data center capacity, allowing hyperscalers, enterprises, and colocation providers speed with go-to-market capabilities. Incorporating renewable energy, land and water improvements, Quantum Loophole offers an environmentally sound approach that reduces the overall carbon footprint while fully enabling powered land with the highest level of connectivity, reliability, and security.

For more information, please visit www.quantumloophole.com or follow them on LinkedIn.

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