Join us for a free webinar on Tuesday, June 14th from 4-5PM as we welcome Chris May, Security Solutions Director of Advantage Technology as he presents “Cybersecurity: Building out with Strategy.” His presentation will set you on the right path to keeping you and your company safe.

To achieve the ultimate goal of resilience, your cybersecurity strategy will require a mindset shift from reactive to proactive. Instead of focusing on reacting to incidents, the most effective strategies stress the importance of preventing cyber-attacks. That said, any robust cybersecurity strategy also puts you in a better position to respond to an attack. In the event your organization is victimized, a successful strategy can make the difference between a minor incident and a major one.




About Chris May:

As the Security Solutions Director, Chris is charged to work closely with executives and heads of
departments to determine/research specific security issues and provide direction on security standards,
security systems and authentication protocols. Proficient at coordinating cross-functional teams to plan,
research and design robust security architectures for IT projects. Chris works daily to determine the most
effective way to protect computers, networks, software, data, and information systems against a myriad
of attacks and vectors.