techfrederick Hackathon Teams Create Software Solutions for Local Non-Profits

July 1, 2020 / / News


FREDERICK, MD. (June 30, 2020) – techfrederick, a coalition of local high-tech companies, completed its second Annual Hackathon this week, yielding incredible results for some Frederick area non-profits.

Hackathon team members Steven Epstein, Cathy Anderson, Matt Layman, Augusta Pinson were named the Overall Winners for the app they produced to benefit SHIP of Frederick County (Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership). The winning team was tasked with creating a responsive mobile application for SHIP that would provide information on available resources for homeless youth.

“The Team’s app exceeded expectations in the biggest way!”, said Ed Hinde, Executive Director, SHIP of Frederick County, “I had planned to replicate an app from a similar non-profit in LA. Now I imagine that LA non-profit will likely want the SHIP app.”

Two additional local non-profits chose winning apps created to meet their own needs and specs. City Youth Matrix chose a winning app designed to be used by volunteers to coordinate youth transport to and from activities. Frederick Fire and Rescue Services (FIRE) chose an app designed to help with their records management.

Started in 2016, techfrederick focuses on connecting local professionals by providing advocacy, education, communication, and networking opportunities. techfrederick’s Hackathon is held annually and ran virtually this year from June 12 to June 26.  This year the Hackathon gave local software developer participants the opportunity to build an application that would help one of three non-profits streamline a process or digitally transform their operations in a way that would help them better serve our community!

“The Hackathon went great. It was an awesome experience and a distraction for folks during these crazy times. People really enjoyed building these applications because they know the things they built will get used”, said techfrederick Hackathon Co-Chair Patrick Pierson of IronNet Cybersecurity. “Everyone’s a winner here! We’ve all put our hearts and time into contributing to Frederick County!”, said techfrederick Hackathon Co-Chair Matthew Rodatus of HighGear.



techrederick has been formed to identify, highlight, support, foster awareness of, advocate for, and develop Frederick’s growing high tech community through community education and human resource development, entrepreneurship training programs and seminars, and related events.


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Brooke Faulkner

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