SWIFT SOFTWARE, Inc. Launches JobTraQ X7.1 adding Collaboration Tools & Enhanced Security

October 28, 2016 / / News

Swift Software, Inc., the Lean BPM pioneer and developer of JobTraQ™ the Business Process Management software solution, has released X7.1 hot on the heels of the hugely successful X7.0 launch in July this year.

“Based on our extensive research and analysis of user behaviors, JobTraQ X7.1 builds on the significant user experience improvements of JobTraQ X7.0,” said Josh Yeager, Director of Operations at Swift Software, “This improvement eliminates unnecessary email notifications while also reducing the chance that users will miss important updates.”

JobTraQ X7.1 benefits from increasing speed and ease of user adoption improvements introduced by X7.0. X7.1 is also the first release of an ambitious four-per-year release cycle, which will see X7.2 available by end of 2016. Users are now seeing speed improvement of over 50% on average, and in many instances this is much higher.

X7.1 features Notifications, which alerts users to changes and updates of their current tasks made by other staff, including noting who made changes and what was changed. Notifications can be filtered to allow the user to focus in on just what is important for them to see to be most effective in getting their work done.

Other features include:

  • Context Sensitive Help – improving on the upgraded help function and getting users to answers faster.
  • Default Notification Preferences for Organizational Units.
  • Customizable account lockout policy for failed login attempts – further enhancing JobTraQ’s security and allowing for greater flexibility with customer’s own security policies.
  • Granular password complexity setting – allows administrators to establish the balance between alpha, numeric, and special characters to be set for passwords in line with customer security policies.

JobTraQ provides core Business Process Management (BPM) functionality for around 20% of the cost of traditional competitors such as IBM BPM, Oracle and Pegasystems, and deploys in less than 10% of the time. JobTraQ is currently used by major U.S. government organizations and companies around the world, including the F.D.A., Defense Logistics Agency, TransCanada, Raytheon, Comcast, and Fifth Third Bank.

Swift Software, Inc. is the developer of JobTraQ, the pioneer of Lean BPM. The tool provides core BPM functionality and power directly into the hands of business people who need to wield it, without the need for IT, specialist coding or developer skills. Based in Frederick MD, the company is veteran-owned and was established in 2001.

For more information, please call Karl Hindle at 240.215.7039 or email at khindle@swiftsoftware.com

Seth Glass

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