Training: Project Management 201

Date: June 2 & 3, 2020  9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Location: Your remote work space!

Instructors: Leadership Techniques, LLC

Cost: $100 payable HERE

***Please note this class has moved to a Zoom platform. Same great course content and interaction, but from the comfort of your own work space location!***

The world of Project Management is rapidly evolving from an us-and-them perspective (Agile vs. Waterfall) to a hybrid environment in which we are encouraged to draw techniques from the best of all worlds in order to meet the needs of our project in our environment. Rather than having to decide if we should learn how to manage Agile or how to manage Waterfall, we are learning to understand as many techniques as possible and to apply the right combination to our specific situation. In this two-day workshop, Lisa and Dave of Leadership Techniques, LLC will engage you in a journey from project concept through execution to the transition to your next project. Along the way, you’ll learn the most current best practices through hands-on activities and exercises. 

Who is this class intended for: Experienced Project Managers

At the conclusion of the class, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the business environment of the project and the responsibility of the Project Manager with respect to benefits management
  • Distinguish between the various Project Management development lifecycles and understand the selection criteria used to optimize the development process
  • Use best-practice Project Management techniques to manage schedules, budgets, and project risk



Registration preference given to Techfrederick Members

*** As this training is funded by State of MD EARN Grant funding, the information requested throughout the registration and participation process is REQUIRED by the State of Maryland for their tracking and statistical purposes. ***


Day 1

  • The Business of Project Management
    • Strategic Project Management
    • Benefits Realization
    • The Business Environment of Your Project
  • Agile Overview
    • Being Agile: Values and Principles
    • Doing Agile: Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall Comparison
    • Lifecycle Selection: The Right Process at The Right Time
  • Project Risk Management
    • Risk Analysis
    • What Are the Odds? (Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Analysis)
    • Risk Response Planning
  • Leadership Without Authority
    • Collaborative Communications Strategies
    • Servant Leadership
    • Resolving Interpersonal Conflict

Day 2

  • Project Resource Optimization
    • Reliable Predictions: Project Estimating
    • Project Schedule: Waterfall, Agile, or In-Between?
    • Earned Value: Not Just Grampa’s Secret Tool
  • Meetings and Presentations
    • Meeting Fundamentals and Time Management
    • Mastering Presentation Skills
    • Agile Retrospectives and Reviews
  • The Happy Project Manager
    • Communications Planning
    • Stakeholder Engagement (cross-organizational collaboration)
    • Office Politics and Workplace Emotions

Note: Workshops are conducted interactively with content supported through hands-on activities.

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