Training: Project Management 101

Date: April 16 & 17, 2020  9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Location: Your remote work space!

Instructors: Leadership Techniques, LLC

***Please note this class has moved to a Zoom platform. Same great course content and interaction, but from the comfort of your own work space location!***

The business world is rapidly evolving into a Project Economy. The rate of technology change and dynamic conditions of marketplace competition demand results that simply cannot be attained by individuals. Teamwork and cross-organizational collaboration are required for success. Job descriptions are changing from lists of skills to behavioral adaptability, personal resilience and creative ability.

Project Management skills and abilities are fundamental requisites for success in today’s business world! Join Lisa and Dave for an engaging and up-to-date overview of Project Management. In this 1/2 days, 2-day workshop you will learn current techniques and effective methods for keeping your projects on track!

This class is a great fit for those with <2 years of experience in Project Management.




Cost: $50, pay participation fee HERE after receiving email confirmation of registration approval

*** As this training is funded by State of MD EARN Grant funding, the information requested throughout the registration and participation process is REQUIRED by the State of Maryland for their tracking and statistical purposes. ***


Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what is meant by the Project Economy and the skills required for success in today’s business environment
  • Plan the successful execution of a project using best-practice Project Management techniques
  • Engage stakeholders in the Project Management process to ensure that expectations are satisfied as project goals are accomplished

Course Outline:

  • The Unique and Exciting World of Project Management
    • The Art and The Science of Project Management
    • Business Value and Benefits Realization
    • The Current State of Project Management
  • Project Management, A How-To for Getting Started
    • Project Initiation
      • Generate a Project Charter
      • Establish Your Team Charter
      • Select a Development Cycle (agile, waterfall, or hybrid)     
    • Project Planning
      • Define the Project Scope (requirements gathering)
      • Prepare the Project Plan (requirements analysis)
      • Estimate the Project Resources
    • Project Execution
      • Engage Your Stakeholders
      • Optimize Your Resources (addressing project constraints)
      • Report Your Problems and Progress
    • Project Closure
      • Finish the Forms and Formalities
      • Communicate and Support the Post-Project Results
      • Happiness: The Key to Project Success!