Apply machine learning to ranking, query and content understanding with one of Reddit’s most senior engineers.

Join us for live, virtual sessions designed for information retrieval practitioners
hoping to improve NDCG and search-to-conversion through more relevant search results

ONLY 15 Seats available, with preference given to techfrederick members. Not yet a member? Join HERE

During the training, you will:

  • Learn the inner workings of machine learning based search relevance ranking
  • Create reliable search relevance training data that confidently labels what search results are relevant based on user clicks and other signals
  • Explore new ranking features in production to overcome the echo chambers present in existing search interaction data

Training: Machine Learning Powered Search

Dates: 5 live sessions: Jan 24, 26, 31 and Feb 2, 7 | 10am – 12pm

Location: Your Remote Workspace

Instructor(s): Doug Turnbull, Principal Relevance Engineer @ Reddit

Cost: $800 $100, through grant funding techfrederick is able to offer this course at a reduced rate

Before attending you should:

  • Have experience tuning relevance for a ranking system (search, recos, etc) using a metric like NDCG in the past
  • Have experience tweaking search engine relevance settings (Elasticsearch, Solr, etc) to achieve some business goal
  • Have trained a model in Python with sklearn or similar tool in the past (however simple)
  • You’re about to embark on or are already implementing a machine-learning implementation for search

Questions? Contact Brooke Warburton,


About the Trainer

Since 2012, Doug Turnbull has worked with companies such as Shopify, Careerbuilder, Wikimedia Foundation, Shipt, and LexisNexis on improving search experiences. Doug coaches and develops search teams from startups to Fortune 500 companies, setting up organizational practices to build relevant search. Doug wrote “Relevant Search” (2016) and co-authored “AI Powered Search” (2022). He also co-created the Elasticsearch Learning to Rank, bringing machine learning to the most popular search engine, which revamped Wikipedia and Yelp, driving intelligent search behind dozens of companies’ search experiences. Doug currently works at Reddit, helping to connect people to community and belonging through improving Reddit’s search.

*** As this training is funded by State of MD EARN Grant funding, the information requested throughout the registration and participation process is REQUIRED by the State of Maryland for their tracking and statistical purposes. ***