Excel in the essentials of Git with this fundamentals course!

This Essential Git training class will cover what you really need to know about Git! The course will introduce the fundamental elements of Git, the use case behind each feature, and how you can use Git effectively, covering each command progressing in a logical flow.

You will also learn how to use the GitHub portal, where you can collaborate with other developers and participate in a project where you will apply everything you learned in the course.

Training: Essential Git

Date: Tuesday – Friday: May 4-7, 2021, 2pm – 5pm each day

Location: Your remote workspace

Instructor(s): Jorge Escobar, Head of Engineering @ FindMine

Cost: $1,128/person  $100 through grant support, techfrederick is able to offer this class at a reduced rate

*** As this training is funded by State of MD EARN Grant funding, the information requested throughout the registration and participation process is REQUIRED by the State of Maryland for their tracking and statistical purposes. ***

Who should attend: 

  • Programmers
  • Software developers
  • App developers
  • Security architects
  • Anyone who writes code or tracks changes to files

During this session, we will cover:

  • Starting a Git repository from an existing project or clone a project hosted on the internet.
  • Obtaining a fundamental understanding of how to manage remote repositories.
  • Learning the theory of and why branches are important.
  • Learning about Git tools like stash and cherry-pick.
  • Becoming knowledgeable with the GitHub portal and how to use it professionally.
  • Participating in a Git collaborative project in class.

Questions? Contact Brooke Warburton, bwarburton@techfrederick.org


About the Trainer:

Jorge Escobar is a technologist with more than 20 years of experience leading teams and designing complex architectures for startups and large corporations including MongoDB, Venmo and Knewton.