Frederick’s e-End Is Only One of Seven Companies Worldwide To Certify Hard Drive Degaussing

November 8, 2017 / / News

To be in compliance with numerous federal regulations related to protecting Personally Identifiable Information, and classified information, data must be removed beyond any means of forensic reconstruction. The National Association for Information Destruction, NAID, certifies entities who meet the specific requirements and high standards for the degaussing of hard drives.

Only seven companies worldwide meet NAID’s requirements for the certification of 100% data sanitization on hard drives and other magnetic media by degaussing and e-End is among these seven. According to e-End President Steve Chafitz, “To receive this certification we are audited for specific policies, procedures, facility security, training and the use of a degausser meeting NSA specifications. “

During their audit, hard drives and magnetic media are presented to e-End, by the certifying body, that are full of data. After degaussing, the media is sent to a forensic laboratory for data recovery. “When it’s confirmed no data is recoverable and our continuous and unbroken chain of custody procedures are confirmed, along with numerous other audited procedures, we receive our certification” added Chafitz.

e-End has sanitized over one million hard drives, and following data sanitization their clients receive a Certificate of Data Sanitization. e-End is certified to perform this service at their secure facility in Frederick, or at the client’s location.

Although degaussing removes 100% of hard drive data, some clients want to see their drives shredded after degaussing. e-End performs shredding and routinely shreds over 50,000 hard drives on a monthly basis.

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Seth Glass

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