techfrederick is very happy to announce the 2020 Virtual Hackathon! Normally, a hackathon is an in-person event where teams form to build software and compete for prizes. While restrictions related to COVID-19 limit the “in-person” piece, we are excited to host the event and we want you to be a part of it!

The theme of this year’s hackathon is making a difference in the Frederick community. Several local non-profits submitted challenges that require a software or digital solution. Participation in the hackathon will give you the ability to choose one of these projects and build an application that will help the non-profit streamline a process or digitally transform their operations in a way that will help them better serve our community!

The hackathon will kick off on the evening of Friday, June 12 and run for two weeks. You’ll be able to form your own team to compete together, or you can come by yourself, and we’ll help you identify a team to join.

Registration is now open, and just $10 if you register before June 1! Included with your registration is technical training as part of the hackathon, AND a cool T-shirt.

Please consider signing up to participate in the hackathon, and together let’s make a difference in the Frederick community!

More details about the event


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email!